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Sam Spencer

I saw a segment on the BBC news perhaps 2 years ago, where a lawyer disclosed that anyone convicted on a crime resulting in the death sentence will be found guilty no matter how good a lawyer they have or how well they can prove their innocence.

THE SPECIFIC REASON BEING SO THAT THIER ORGANS CAN BE HARVESTED, SOLD AND PROFITED FROM! (apparently china is the leading retailer and its a very profitable business) .

In the past the "convicts" would be lined up on their knees and shot in the head prior to having organs removed and sold, the killing buses where invented to make the harvesting of organs more efficient.

The lawyer who disclosed all this to the BBC crew (who already had a good idea of what was going on and the history) appears to have been bumped off.
There was a police raid during the interview where the BBC reporter and crew where told to leave if they didn't want to get arrested, the lawyer was dragged away and never seen or heard from again by his family.

I think the bulletin aired for one day, I've never heard it mentioned again, I can only speculate as to why that is, intimidation sounds likely to me.

Its a shame I think that it cost the life of a good man telling whats going on for very little result.

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